DVB-S DigiStar TV Card PCI

DVB-S DigiStar TV Card PCI
DVB-S DigiStar TV Card PCI DVB-S DigiStar TV Card PCI
Шифра на артикл: DVB-S DigiStar TV Card PCI
Достапност: 1
Цена: мкд 1,700.00 мкд 800.00
Без данок: мкд 677.97
Количина:     - ИЛИ -  

Watch Free-To-Air satellite TV program and listen to digital radio on PC

Fully Resizable TV (up to full screen)

Auto channel scan and automatic channel name recognition

Personal Video Recorder

Pause, rewind and instant replay live TV program

Record/Playback live TV programs and video in MPEG-II quality

Recording Schedule

Support single and multiple still image capture

Video Always on Top

Time-shiftind while watch digital TV

Full function remote control inside

Support ProgDVB and its plugins

Input signal: 75 Ohm Digital TV antenna input

Dimensions: Hardware: 145.2mm x 106.68mm

Sustem requirements

- IBM compatible PC

- Pentium III 800, 128M RAM or better

- PCI 2.1 compatible slot

- Direct Draw - Compatible PCI/AGP Graphic card, min. 8MB RAM

- PCI VGA card with DirectX 9.0 or higher

- Creative compatible sound card

- Digital Satellite Dish




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